Kids In Charge: Crafty Cooks In Charge

By the teachers of Chocachatti: Ja’Oni K., Michaela S., Brianna A., Kaylee C., Chloe N., Kylee P., and Mia D.

Chocachatti students at Crafty Cooks run the show!


From the moment they walk in, they get their supplies, check their work station, listen for their student secretary to take attendance and discuss the menu for the week with Mrs. Ladines. They add up their bills and expected expenses and decide how much they will need to charge for each of their products in order to make a profit! That’s important stuff when you are trying to be the MOST PROFITABLE business!


Students are trained on product creation and establish a quality control “assembly line” as they go. Students pick their jobs “out of a hat” and prepare to sell while another group of students look through cookbooks, read recipes, and select one that “tickles their fancy” to add to their ongoing cookbook project.


A team of aspiring managers, assumes the role in a computer program called “Dairy Queen Tycoon”, a program which simulates owning their own restaurant and comes with its own set of demanding customers!


One final way students are in charge of Crafty Cooks MicroSociety is by working side-by-side with community partner, Bread of Life. Together, they conduct a food drive to feed the less fortunate in the surrounding area. Students take charge of advertising their project by creating signs and hanging them around the school and producing their own commercial on Chocachatti Network News, CNN for short! They contribute to the cause by bringing in their own donations and writing letters to the families as well! Crafty Cook employees also offered a FREE snack gift certificate to every student who brought in five items or more! The drive was a huge success!


And from a teacher’s perspective, students take charge in Crafty Cooks by being prepared to work, by making smart business decisions, product creation and selling, selecting recipes and creating their own cookbook, Running a Virtual Business, and conducting a food drive to assist the community partner.

Don’t you want to be a part of the amazing Crafty Cooks team?

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