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Revolutionary Common Sense

Envision the future of our children, designed only by them. MicroSociety International (MSI)  inspires and empowers students with their own learning laboratories of innovation inside their schools. Organic and dynamic, MicroSociety nurtures a culture of possibility and ignites children’s entrepreneurial spirit by offering them a wide range of opportunities to discover where they fit and what it takes to succeed. This is the palette young people need to paint their own future and to become the powerful thinkers and leaders we need in our global, technology driven world. Building a culture aimed to ensure that each child flourishes is central to our work and we provide daily tangible proof that the system works.




Our mission is to create the ultimate in project-based learning environments that motivate children to learn and succeed by engaging them in the connections between the classroom and the community, real life and the future.

Why and How


Our goal is to graduate confident, curious risk takers and connected global thinkers motivated to break with the status quo and to equip teachers with an environment of real world opportunities to help them tap the extraordinary in every child.


As early as four years old, students discover and hone their skills and develop a resume of workforce, citizenship and service experience in a community of their own design. Our leaders of character take initiative, seek diversity and collaborate in teams to reach positive results.

Guiding Principles

  1. Student voice and choice
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Real world experiences
  4. Teachers as facilitators
  5. Shared responsibility and authority
  6. Partners as contributors

Where We Work

United States

  • Private, Public, Charter Schools District Wide Implantation
  • Extended Day
  • Out of School Time Programs

Featured Schools


In the 21st Century, education is a global enterprise. Students engage around issues of diversity, discrimination, conservation of natural resources, human rights and human resources. MicroSociety is remarkably well suited to help students reach across cultures, points of view, prejudices and time zones and to think globally while acting locally.





South America

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