Why Attend?

28th Annual MicroSociety Conference

Every year, educators from MicroSociety schools and after-schools gather together at the MicroSociety Annual Conference to learn from each other and our experts. Here are just a few of the many reasons to attend the 2021 virtual event:


  • Learn best practices from the global community of MicroSociety Schools and MicroSociety training experts.
  • Deepen the classroom teaching and learning experience.
  • Discuss lessons from the pandemic with peers in the MicroSociety community.
  • Share successes discovered during tumultuous times.
  • Learn about our new digital tool for operating MicroSociety online.
  • Explore how gaming can support instruction.
  • Develop intervention strategies to help struggling learners to catch up.
  • Find out what worries kids most and how to open space for students to share their feelings.
  • Receive practical solutions to current challenges we face in areas such as bullying, advances in technology and ways to engage our older students.
  • Get tools for teaching kids about equity, equality, and social justice.
  • Discover how to engage students in youth activism.
  • Hear about the role of businesses in a time of crisis.
  • Learn to move forward with hope.