MicroSociety has four schools in Alberta, Canada: Aspen Heights in Red Deer, Parkland Village School in Spruce Grove, Ste. Marie Catholic School in Spirit River, and Timberlea Public School in Ft. McMurray.

Find out how MicroSociety is making a difference in these students’ lives:

Creating Dreamers and Doers

MicroSociety students dream bigger, and are inspired and confident enough to take the risks to see their dreams come to life.

They learn what it means to become global citizens with the skills needed for their future — and are super passionate about learning.

(Video courtesy of Parkland Village School)

Teaching Environmental Stewardship

Environmental progress, student empowerment, and community connections abound in our Canadian schools. Our Canadian MicroCitizens are agents of change, using their ventures, agencies, and nonprofits to identify challenges within their schools and surrounding communities and problem-solve innovative solutions to address them.

By running everything from hydroponic gardening and worm wrangling ventures, to fish hatcheries and pollinator hotels, students are immersed in real-world lessons on food waste and scarcity, sustainability, the interconnectedness of people and the natural world, and community. STEAM-powered learning occurs not only within school walls but outside in the community, amplifying its impact.


Alberta's Framework for Student Learning

MicroSociety enables its schools to engage deeply with Alberta’s Framework for Student Learning, which outlines the relationships among literacy, numeracy, competencies and subject/discipline areas essential for students to become engaged thinkers (“I can collaborate in order to create new knowledge”) and ethical citizens (“I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do”) with an entrepreneurial spirit (“I can create new opportunities”).

Milt Williams

Milt Williams

Executive Director, Canada