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Chocachatti Elementary School

Chocachatti opened in Brooksville, Florida, in 1999 as a K-5 Performing Arts MicroSociety magnet school. It uses classroom instruction along with hands-on MicroSociety experiences to fully develop the “whole child.” Students and teachers have embraced this way of learning because it identifies talents and creativity that might have otherwise gone unrecognized. Chocachatti is an “A” rated Florida school and ranks in the top 10% of schools in the state.

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The Dufrocq School

Dufrocq, a PK3-5 public school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers three different instructional models: a Traditional Academy, an Academic Magnet, and a Montessori Magnet through its “schools-within-a-school” approach. But all 600 of its young people are united as citizens of their own MicroSociety community, Crawfish Bayou. Dufrocq has been recognized as a Magnet School of Excellence and a nationally certified Magnet School by Magnet Schools of America.

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Jersey City Global Charter School

JCGCS opened in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2013 with 180 K-2 students. It then added a grade each year and now serves students into the middle grades. JCGCS ranks among the top performing charter schools in the state. Its students have demonstrated significant gains in literacy and mathematics, high levels of self-confidence and engagement, strong leadership skills, and a willingness to do more for their community.

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MicroSociety Academy Charter School

MACS, a K-8 school in Nashua, New Hampshire, was founded in 2015 by alumni of the Lowell City Magnet School, the nation’s first MicroSociety school. Since opening, MACS has seen steady gains in the New Hampshire State Assessments, and its students have scored higher than the state average every year. MACS leadership and staff say their students gain a strong understanding of the work world and democratic society.

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Noah Webster Magnet School

Noah Webster, a PK-8 school in Hartford, Connecticut, connects learning to the real world by aligning MicroSociety to its rigorous academic curriculum. Its learning environment makes students’ education relevant and empowers them to make decisions. The curriculum at Noah Webster is also multicultural. In fact, it offers Mandarin instruction in all grades. Noah Webster is a National Magnet School of Distinction.

Penn Hills Charter School for Entrepreneurship

PHCSE is a K-8 public school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that opened its doors in 2011, and has grown to educate over 400 students from more than ten school districts in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. PHCSE’s mission is to ensure all students have a real-life 21st-century learning experience and implements MicroSociety in its elementary grades and Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship in middle grades.

Take a Look Inside MicroSociety

Learn how MicroSociety works and how it commands student attention, drives engagement, and connects to classroom learning. MicroSociety allows every student to shine–and blows parents away when they see what their kids can do. Micro kids take charge and take responsibility for their own learning, and teachers are facilitators, not lecturers. MicroSociety is no game. It’s real-life learning.