Microsocieties and Much More: Entrepreneurship Education Is Inspiring Kids Throughout SWPA

PHCSE MicroSociety | Kidsburgh

Welcome to Soarmania, the “MicroSociety” that exists inside Penn Hills Charter School for Entrepreneurship. Since 2011, this K-through-8 school has partnered with the folks at MicroSociety, Inc., to use entrepreneurial education to teach kids about planning, launching and managing businesses — and teach citizenship, humanities and service along the way. Throughout the school day, science, math, social studies, and English language arts learning all incorporate entrepreneurial concepts in different ways.

These experiences don’t just build inspiration and experience for future careers. They also help make academic learning more impactful. Kids might learn a math concept in the morning, then use it when they go to work in the afternoon. They might learn how to write a letter in English class, then use those skills to send work emails or apply for a new job.

Through real-life application of academic concepts, students discover “why their day to day lessons are so important for them,” says Penn Hills Charter School principal Jessica Zuk.

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