Seminole Students Learn How a Community Works With a MicroSociety

Stenstrom on News 6

Stenstrom Elementary School in Oveido, Florida, gave News 6 WKMG anchor Julie Broughton a tour of its “MicrOveido” MicroSociety. She visited businesses like the Stallion Supply Station, Addition Financial, Stallion News Network, and Stenstrom Harvest, all of which are managed by students in third to fifth grade. “It’s exciting because we’re offering kids the opportunity […]

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Microsocieties and Much More: Entrepreneurship Education Is Inspiring Kids Throughout SWPA

PHCSE MicroSociety | Kidsburgh

Welcome to Soarmania, the “MicroSociety” that exists inside Penn Hills Charter School for Entrepreneurship. Since 2011, this K-through-8 school has partnered with the folks at MicroSociety, Inc., to use entrepreneurial education to teach kids about planning, launching and managing businesses — and teach citizenship, humanities and service along the way. Throughout the school day, science, […]

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