What Is It?

MicroSociety is an educational approach in which a portion of the school day becomes a student-run miniature society, enhancing academics with real life application and problem solving. The society sets a foundation for leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity and provides a context to motivate students to improve their academics in order to succeed.

Proven Model

MSI has a 25-year track record supporting 120 sites annually across the United States and sites in 5 countries and has proven successful with every segment of the population, impacting the lives of 300,000 children and youth.

The Micro Model

Schools and Diversity

Our students come from many diverse backgrounds with 33% being Hispanic, 31% African American, 29% Caucasian and 7% representing other ethnic groups.

60% of our schools are non-charter, non-magnet, and non-private schools located in 66% urban, 19% rural, and 15% suburban geographic regions.

62% of students served are in elementary schools and 38% are secondary. On average, 72% of all MicroSociety sites are implementing the whole school model and 28% are implementing the after-school curriculum.

Dive Into a School


Growth in the number of students from minority backgrounds is putting enormous pressure on our schools to improve achievement while accelerating cultural cohesion. In this context, nothing speeds language learning like necessity and immersion in the activities of daily life. MicroSociety learners outscore their peers in comparison studies.

See the Results

Episode 1: Youth Activist Danielle Geathers

Adventures With Jaida

In our inaugural episode, Jaida interviews Danielle Geathers, the first Black woman to be elected student body president at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a rising junior mechanical engineer. Danielle was featured in Time Magazine's New American Revolution project in August 2020.

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Carolynn King-Richmond

President and CEO

(215) 922-4006

Chris Bozzone

Director of School Partnerships and Community Relations

(215) 922-4006 ext. 100

Laura Mejia

Executive Director, South America


Milt Williams

Executive Director, Canada


Sandi Williams

Executive Director, Africa

(215) 922-4006 ext. 160

Riva Richmond

Content Director


Veronica Keenan

Program Assistant and Office Manager

(215) 922-4006 ext. 150

Robyn Pancoast

Communications Guru


Katie Kaleita

Media Guru


Pam Coad

Senior International Consultant

(215) 407-5437

Suzanne Downing

Senior International Consultant


Marcos Navos

Technology Specialist


Francie Summers

Senior International Consultant

(215) 922-4006

Donna Wilson

MicroSTEM, Senior Advisor

(215) 290-5437

Belief Statement

We believe in the power of kids and in their potential to do extraordinary things so much so that we challenge the status quo about who they are, what they can do, and how and from whom they learn. We help young people create their own world inside school and turn over the reins for them to manage it. We encourage them to design and manufacture products, sell them in their own marketplace of ideas, write and enforce their own laws, and along the way to grapple with the moral and ethical challenges that arise. Through the MicroSociety system, students learn the value and utility of their curriculum while making sense of their world.

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