What Is It?

MicroSociety is a national educational model that provides compelling real-life learning opportunities for K-8 students through the creation and operation of miniature societies. These societies, held during part of the school day, enhance academic lessons and provide platforms for young people to develop into leaders, entrepreneurs, creative forces and confident citizens. They also generate intrinsic motivation to do well academically because students understand school is key to their success.

Proven Model

MSI has a 30-year track record and supports 120 educational sites across the United States and in five countries. It has proven successful with every segment of the population — disadvantaged and advantaged, minority and majority — and has impacted the lives of more than 450,000 children and youth globally.

The Micro Model

Student & School Diversity

We work with students of diverse backgrounds…

  • 33% Hispanic, 31% African American, 29% Caucasian, 7% other
  • 85% elementary grades, 15% middle grades

…in all kinds of schools, in all kinds of settings.

  • 64% public, 18% charter, 15% magnet, 3% private
  • 66% urban, 19% rural, 15% suburban
  • 90% implement the whole school model and 10% the after-school curriculum

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MicroSociety lifts student academic achievement, improves attitudes and engagement, and reduces discipline problems. It has a long record of success with at-risk populations, English language learners, and children with special needs. All MicroSociety students develop vital career and social emotional skills as they start and manage their own business ventures, nonprofits, and government agencies. We prepare them to navigate the future workplace, become active citizens, and take on our global challenges.

See the Results

MicroSociety's Story

The story of MicroSociety began in a Brooklyn classroom in 1967, where George H. Richmond, a young teacher, struggled to get his 5th grade students to pay attention in class. Fearing they would be consigned to lives of poverty without an education, he devised a creative plan to fire up their desire to learn and create lives of possibility.

His new way of teaching ultimately became a movement that has reached hundreds of schools and changed hundreds of thousands of lives. Watch our story to learn more.

Young Activist, Designer, Author Kheris Rogers Encourages Kids to Shine Bright

Youth Now! With Martin

Kheris Rogers is a 16-year-old model, dancer, singer, actress, activist and the youngest clothing designer to ever show a clothing line at New York Fashion Week. Kheris's socially conscious clothing line, Flexin' In My Complexion, went viral online, paving the way for her rise as an entrepreneur and internet influencer. Recently, Kheris added author to her list of titles with the release of a children's book, Shine Bright, that encourages kids to love the skin they're in.

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Carolynn King Richmond, Ed.M, Esq.

President and CEO

(215) 922-4006

Laura Mejia

Executive Director, South America


Milt Williams

Executive Director, Canada


Sandi Williams

Africa Ambassador

(215) 922-4006 ext. 160

Chris Bozzone

Director of School Partnerships and Community Relations

(215) 922-4006 ext. 100

Riva Richmond

Director of Content & Development


Jess Dixon

Media Lead and Operations Assistant

(215) 922-4006

Donna Wilson

Senior Program Advisor

(215) 290-5437

Nina Tortorice

Curriculum Consultant


Francie Summers

Certified Senior International Consultant

(215) 922-4006

Allan Baile

Certified International Management Consultant


Mary Harris

Certified International Consultant


Michelle Pedalino

Certified International Consultant


Kiana Smith

Certified International Consultant


Marcos Navos

Technology Advisor


Robyn Pancoast

Communications Guru


Belief Statement

We believe in the power of kids and in their potential to do extraordinary things so much so that we challenge the status quo about who they are, what they can do, and how and from whom they learn. We help young people create their own world inside school and turn over the reins for them to manage it. We encourage them to design and manufacture products, sell them in their own marketplace of ideas, write and enforce their own laws, and along the way to grapple with the moral and ethical challenges that arise. Through the MicroSociety system, students learn the value and utility of their curriculum while making sense of their world.

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