Hugo: Banker Extraordinaire

Hi everyone!  My name is Hugo and I am from Baton Rouge, LA.  Guess what kind of cool job I have at my MicroSociety school?  I am the Banker.  That is a really important job for a five year old like me.  I want to tell you the story of how I got to be where I am today.

Since I was three years old, I spoke mostly Russian.  When I first came to school in August I was really shy and didn’t want to talk to the other kids.   So I would just sit at the table all by myself and just draw.  I would even cry sometimes when Mommy dropped me off at school.  

But then something happened and everything changed.  Ms. Bender gave me a job.  She thought it might help me blossom – which she said means grow like a flower. 

Then I became a Banker in our MicroSociety. I never did anything so important like this before in my whole life.  My job is to give out Crawfish Cash to kids for working hard. It makes me feel special. Without me, my customers would not be able to go shopping on Market Day with the big kids.  Right now, I am helping Ms. Bender hire two more people to work in the bank with me, because it gets very busy here.  She said I’m going to be the Bank Manager!


Sometimes I forget to hand them the money and it makes me kind of upset, but they don’t seem to mind.  They say, “Thank you, Hugo” and then that makes me happy again.  The other kids really like that I am the banker.  Being the Banker helps me make friends and learn to count!  I like helping people. I really like answering questions, ‘specially about Math. That is my favorite subject because I am really good at it.  The other day I learned how to write out receipts for my customers.  It is kind of a big deal and I was really proud of myself.  Working with numbers is great!  See how good I am at writing receipts?  




I don’t cry at school anymore. Mommy even went and bought me a new suit. Do you like it?


Maybe one day when I grow up, I can be a banker at a really big bank and hand out lots and lots of Crawfish Cash

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