Top 10 Reasons To Attend the 2020 MicroSociety Conference

  1. Return with best practices from the global community of MicroSociety Schools and MicroSociety training experts.
  2. Discover the latest advances in interactive, differentiated instructional
  3. Learn how to structure your school to address the needs of middle grade students.
  4. Develop intervention strategies designed to help our struggling learners to catch up.
  5. Advance my understanding of hands on math strategies.
  6. Receive practical solutions to current challenges we face in areas such as bullying, advances in technology and ways to engage our older students
  7. Discover the latest advances with integrating MicroSociety, STEM and the environment and get personal attention from the experts in the STEM
  8. Gain a comfort level with the development of formative and summative Assessments.
  9. Deepen the classroom teaching and learning experience.
  10. Contribute to school-wide improvement initiatives by attending sessions on:
    Project-Based Learning
    Student Engagement and Motivation
    Ways to deepen learning during our MicroSociety
    Ventures and Agencies
    Suggestions for helping immigrant and refugee population

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