Over the past several years, EAGLE has experienced a lot of changes.  We have had changes in program implementation, administration, and student population.  One thing that has stayed the same throughout all of this is our staff’s commitment of inclusion of SPED students, teaching about the Micro Society model, and community support from current and past families. Below are some quotes from staff, students, and families.

“I chose to work at EAGLE because it’s rewarding and always different.” Instructional Assistant

“I have always had a passion for helping others. Teaching gives me the opportunity

to help children reach their potentials, while impacting their lives in a positive

manner.” -Instructional Assistant

“Micro helps me get ready for real work because if I don’t work, I won’t have any money.” -Student

“Micro means fun and work at the same time!” -Student

“I don’t want to pay rent and taxes, but if I don’t, my pay will be garnished!” -Student

“Just pay your fines and stop getting them. Then you’ll have money for shopping.” -Student

“I love shopping days!” -Student

“How can we help our business be more successful? Nobody is coming during shopping days and we need more money to pay our employees.” -Student

“Working at EAGLE gives me hope for our future generations. These students already know how to apply for a job and be interviewed. They are years ahead of their peers who do not attend a Micro school.” -Teacher

“I would love to have a Micro middle school and high school! When will Salem have that?” -Parent


As a result of our robust Micro-Society program, our students experience continued growth and achievement in both math and reading. See chart below.



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