Overcoming the Crash

  “I love your bracelet, where’d you get it?” Jasmine asked her friend.   “Bling Bling, of course,” Riley answered matter-of-factly.   Their teacher overheard. “That is pretty,” she said, glancing at the bracelet. “What’s Bling Bling?”   “Seriously Mrs. Borrego – you’ve never heard of Scottie Bling Bling?” Riley said as Jasmine giggled.   […]

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Kids on the Path to Democracy – Part 1

“You’re under arrest,” Lucas said. “Did I say that right?” the seventh grade Peacekeeper whispered over his shoulder to a group of students standing behind him. They nodded.   “What? Why? You can’t arrest me,” the mayor cried. “I didn’t do anything!” Her face twisted into a frown. “What is going on?”   The commotion […]

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