Innovations at Jersey City Global Charter School

Museum of Modern STEM

Formerly known as Global S.T.E.M. Center, this venture reopened as the Museum of Modern S.T.E.M. in SY 17-18. It was managed by entrepreneur Jazelle Bautista and facilitated by Mrs. Joanne Sommer.

Jazelle’s passion for science, particularly S.T.E.M allowed the employees of this venture to create a vibrant learning environment of exploration through the creation of slime, fossil digs, coding, engineering, etc. One of Jazelle’s responsibilities was to spot check inventory that did not meet standard and instruct the Quality Control Department to study the chemical makeup to determine what went wrong. Too runny? That would mean too much of (carbon dioxide) of course! While QCD ran tests to ensure the best quality of their slime, the research/marketing department brainstorms new ideas to attract customers and how to teach first graders how to code in order to help keep the venture’s website up to date. The sales department manager asks her staff “What would you do if three customers came up to you at the same time and had different needs? How would you know which one to address first?”

The Museum of Modern S.T.E.M. allowed Global Society citizens to view Science in a whole new light, one where literacy and math standards are reinforced in fun, messy and exciting ways.

Barnes & Global Pennies for Patient Drive

The essence of community service and humanities are constantly reinforced at Global Society and particularly through HEART projects.

Barnes & Global did exceptionally well during SY 17-18 to demonstrate kindness through fundraising for cancer research. Along with her citizens, Ms. Tareen worked diligently to help raise proceeds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Society through their Pennies for Patients drive. This school-wide initiative demonstrated strong community bonds of togetherness. JCGCS was recognized for showing 85% growth of funds raised with contributions totaling of over $4,000, four times their targeted goal!

Hats off to Barnes & Global and Ms. Tareen!