Our future depends upon what we accomplish together.

Students and adult professionals, who share a passion for something they do, learn how to do it better together. Many small investments yield big returns.  With MicroSociety, members of the business, cultural and government communities not only help reinforce the connections between school and life but also they impart to students critical and authentic from-the-field knowledge, skills, and habits of mind. Research shows that meaningful volunteer options create loyal employees and when businesses contribute their time and expertise to young people, they strengthen their future workforce. Volunteering is a win-win.

Volunteer with Individual Program Sites

All MicroSociety programs and services draw on real life activities and experiences to facilitate and accelerate learning. Consequently, continuous student interaction with working adults,  one of the key elements of our programs,  is essential to our success. Community members, individuals and businesses, help  make learning authentic and up-to-date.

Learning environments that include the creation and management of a miniature society in the curriculum as the means to apply classroom lessons, offer countless intersections to engage parents and community members in meaningful ways. To read a case study of diverse and highly effective community-based partnerships with a school in Texas, click here.

For help connecting with a MicroSociety school in your area, email us at info@microsociety.org.

Volunteer with National Headquarters

MICROSOCIETY, Inc. has a long history of support and commitment from dedicated corporations and individuals who have helped us develop and improve curriculum, advance training and technical assistance strategies, facilitate strategic planning, ensure quality control, and most importantly, extend our reach to more communities and children. Email us to get started at info@microsociety.org.

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Linda Olvera. Officer Linda Olvera thought the request for assistance from the MicroSociety school was to help them establish a safety patrol, but when she learned that the school actually wanted a replica of the entire police department in miniature, her role as Trainer was immediately evident and she was hooked.

Jaime Esparza
Jaime Esparza. El Paso’s District Attorney, a long time child advocate is a board member of the Advocacy Center for the Children of El Paso and a volunteer at Sageland Elementary MicroSociety School for 17 years.

F. Joseph Merlino
F. Joseph Merlino. As President of 21stCentury Partnership for STEM Education, one of the nation’s premiere non-profit organizations committed to advancing science, technology, engineering and math, Joe knows first-hand the challenges change creates in the world of K-12. Believing student engagement is central to success, Joe sees MicroSociety as a game changer and has donated countless hours to the efforts of MSI headquarters.

Victoria Perea
Victoria Perea. As head of social responsibility investments for the local electric company, Victoria tapped into its vast network of customers to find volunteers for the growing MicroSociety in town, playing roles of benefactor, broker and mentor.

Art Yerecic
Art Yerecic. Art was running a press in his Dad’s nascent business before he could drive. Taking risks was an essential part of the family commitment so when he saw kids doing the same in MicroSociety, he offered to train dozens of MicroSociety citizens in workforce ready skills such as customer service, sales, graphic artists, and quality control and recruited other companies to do the same.

Gilbert Moreno

Gilbert Moreno. Every year, this former IBM executive, small businessman and professor at University of Texas’ Department of Engineering works with the staff of Sageland Elementary School to update their strategic plan, helps judge student business plans, and mentors graduates as they move into higher education.

Julian Castro
Julian Castro. While Mayor of San Antonio, HUD Secretary Julian Castro hosted MicroSociety students at events of dignitaries including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and in his office for a behind-the-scenes evening awaiting election results.