Youth Now!

Kristin Brings Fresh Ideas & Lemonade to JCGCS!

In this interview series hosted by MicroSociety student Martin, learn about fellow MicroSociety students from around the U.S. who are making a difference inside MicroSociety communities and far beyond.

Youth Now! With Martin

Today, Martin sits down with Kristin, a brilliant 4th grader with a bustling lemonade business. Kristin takes us on her entrepreneurial journey, starting with her MicroSociety experience at Jersey City Global Charter School in New Jersey and the creation of her very own lemonade stand. Tune in to discover how Kristin’s summertime lemonade stand evolved into a thriving local business, complete with bottled products, a social media presence, and electronic payment options. Prepare to be inspired by Kristin’s incredible ingenuity and determination!

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