Letter to Support Your Attendance


This letter is intended to help you make the case to your supervisors for presenting at/attending  the upcoming MicroSociety Conference.

Dear <<principal/superintendent name>>,


MicroSociety International is hosting its 28th Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, July 7th-10th, 2020. I would like to attend/submit an application to present on << particular topic>>.  As a MicroSociety School, attending this conference will be a tremendous opportunity for <<school name>> to invest in our students’ academic growth but presenting will bring important recognition to our school and district. Furthermore, I will be afforded the opportunity to learn from other experts in this field and bring back ideas to immediately implement that will benefit our school team.


MicroSociety has a rigorous selection processso should I be selected to present, it would bring a significant public relations opportunity to share with our community. With your support and with funding assistance from the <<school/district>> it would be an honor to represent our <<school/ district>>.


Below are eight critical benefits I will focus on by participating in this professional development event. I will:

1.   Return with best practices from the global community of MicroSociety schools.

2.  Discover the latest advances in interactive, differentiated instructional strategies

3.  Develop intervention strategies designed to help our struggling learners to catch up

4.  Advance my understanding of hands on math strategies

5. Receive practical solutions to current challenges we face in areas such as bullying,

advances in technology and ways to engage our older students,

6.  Get personal attention from the experts in the STEM Sessions.

7. Gain a comfort level with the development of formative and summative assessments

8.   Contribute to our school-wide improvement initiatives by attending sessions on:

·                      Project-Based Learning

·                       Student Engagement and Motivation

                Ways to deepen learning during our MicroSociety Ventures and Agencies

                Suggestions for helping our immigrant and refugee population


The cost for attending will include:

Tuition – Early Bird Special Day School: $395; EBS After School: $275;

Day School Reg. Price: $495; After School Reg. Price: $375

Hotel – $199

Transportation – Ubers and Taxis are available. Shuttles are provided from airport to hotel.

More information about the conference is available at www.microsociety.org/conference.

Thank you, in advance, for understanding why attending this conference will be a tremendous benefit to my personal growth, advance our school, update our MicroSociety for our students and bring recognition to the district.



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