Letter to Support Your Attendance

This sample letter is intended to help you make the case to your supervisors for attending and presenting at the upcoming MicroSociety annual conference.


Dear <<principal/superintendent name>>,

MicroSociety International is hosting its 30th Annual Conference March 20-22, 2024. This important professional development event will be in person this year, and I would like to attend as well as submit an application to present on <<particular topic>>.  

As a MicroSociety school, attending this conference is a tremendous opportunity to invest in our students’ academic growth, and presenting will bring important recognition to our school and district. Furthermore, I will personally gain the opportunity to learn from other experts in our field and bring back ideas that we can immediately implement to the benefit of our school team.

MicroSociety has a rigorous presenter selection process, and, should I be selected, it would bring a significant public relations opportunity to share with our community. With your support and with funding assistance from the <<school/district>>, it would be an honor to represent our <<school/ district>>.

Below are ten critical benefits I will reap from participating in the conference:

  1. Learn best practices from the global community of MicroSociety Schools and MicroSociety training experts.
  2. Deepen the classroom teaching and learning experience.
  3. Discuss lessons from the pandemic with peers in the MicroSociety community and share successes.
  4. Develop intervention strategies to help struggling learners to catch up.
  5. Get trained on new digital tools for operating MicroSociety online.
  6. Explore how gaming can support instruction.
  7. Receive practical solutions to current challenges we face.

The cost for attending is:

  • Day School individual rate: $450 
  • After School individual rate: $295

Principals and MicroSociety coordinators attend for free when a school has a multi-year contract with MicroSociety Inc. for professional development. If our school sends five paid attendees, a sixth can attend free. More information about the conference is available at microsociety.org/conference.

This professional development event will be a tremendous opportunity for my personal growth, advance our school’s mission, invigorate the MicroSociety our students gain so much from, and bring recognition to the district. Thank you for considering my request and for your support.