Logan County Gets Creative with Zoom

Teachers at Hugh Dingess are creating memorable, engaging lessons to keep students who are virtual and blended engaged in learning.  Each classroom has daily read alouds, scavenger hunts with phonics and rhyming words, interactive lessons using dry erase boards, small group and one on one Zoom sessions, and more.  The teachers are integrating science and social studies into daily reading and math lessons and doing live science experiments online with the students.

In Pre-K, the teachers are doing daily activities with the students both online and in the classroom.  They are doing science experiments and weekly letter activities.  In Kindergarten, the students are taking virtual field trips and learning their sight words and how to add.  A few of our kindergarten students have already said their first 100 sight words.  In First Grade, the students are doing phonics scavenger hunts and a number of hands-on discovery lessons.  Second grade students love their show and tell time as well as science integration and experiments.  Third graders are learning multiplication and division and while virtual, they are staying engaged through fun activities such as game shows, math games and more using their dry erase boards.  Fourth graders are working hard on research, writing skills and math.  In music, the students are using Quaver and while in PE, the students are learning about yoga and more.  The students at Hugh Dingess have now passed over 1000 Imagine Math lessons!  The school’s motto of “One School, One Family” is true in every classroom, as the teachers, students, and families are all working together to help the students succeed and grow.


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