Kids In Charge The Step Up Surprise

On day twenty-seven of her Presidency, Kiara was faced with her first crisis.

“Someone is drawing all over our posters!” the bakery manager complained.

“Ours, too!” the movie theater manager exclaimed.

Kiara examined the artwork. “It’s actually really good drawings,” she said. “Not anything bad, but it’s not fair for this person to draw on your marketing posters.”

Kiara could have instructed the Peacekeepers to find the person – or people – and punish them with a harsh fine. But instead, she kept racking her brain for a more creative way to deal with the problem. The managers were growing impatient.

“Kiara, they’re mad,” her Vice President Sam whispered to her. “Maybe we should just set up a trap to catch the person and punish them.”

“A trap… wait! I have an idea!”

Kiara and her VP went to the art teacher, Mrs. Steiner. “Can we have some big sheets of
drawing paper and a few markers? Pretty please? It will help solve a crisis!”

She agreed, and the girls got to work posting the papers in the hallway, writing “Draw something here!” at the top.

“Now whoever it is will have an outlet for their drawings, so they can show them off.”

“I hope it works,” Sam said as they stepped back to review what they’d done.

The next day, the papers will filled with small drawings from kids of all age and skill levels – but the best and biggest drawing was one Kiara recognized. It looked a lot like the ones that had been drawn on every Micro venture poster in the hallway. At the top in big letters, the mystery artist had written, “Thank you!”

Kiara’s friend Amy caught her admiring the artwork.

“Was this your idea?” she asked. “Wait, I don’t even know why I’m asking. Of course it was your idea, President Kiara.”

Kiara turned red. “It was just a thought I had. I can’t believe it worked!”

“Well, I’m not surprised,” Amy said. “But now I have to ask…”


“Can I come visit you in the White House?”

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