The Results Are In

 We asked. You answered. And now for the results. Last week we sent out a survey inviting your feedback and suggestions for communications coming from MicroSociety, Inc. Your voice matters to our organization, and to prove it, we plan on using that data to inform our Kids In Charge campaign in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


When charged with the question, “Do you enjoy our Kids In Charge stories?” 85% of our readership responded affirmatively. 46% shared that they would like to continue receiving the stories on a weekly basis, while 54% would prefer three themed stories delivered on a monthly basis. Due to the hectic nature of 21’st century life, 40% of readers frequently find themselves too busy to dive into a weekly tale of transformation. Although interestingly, only 9% would like to see our stories make their way to a blog. 73% report that they are story sharers. 100% of us say keep that up! 


So what does this mean for the future of your inbox? Moving forward, we will segment our mailing to best meet your needs. For those of you who would like to maintain the status quo, you can expect a continuation of the stories on a weekly basis. For those wishing to move to a monthly distribution, your call will be answered. If you did not get a chance to respond to the survey, but would like for your voice to be counted. It is not too late. Send your feedback our Philadelphia way.  As for next week, the latest and greatest of E-News is coming to you. Until then, sit back and listen to Christopher from Aspen Heights, a true “Kid in Charge!”


Opportunity Knocks      

A true entrepreneur uncovers opportunity. For Christopher, a third grader at Aspen Heights, when opportunity knocked on his favorite FM channel, he answered the door. As he drove home with Mom from a busy day of work at his photo-button venture, the banter of his favorite radio hosts awoke him from backseat window watching. 


“We really need 95.5 buttons to wear when we attend the Canadian Country Music Awards next week. Come on listening audience, help us out!” declared the broadcasting DJ in his typical animated way.


Those few words were the only call to action Christopher needed. 


“Mom, I have to borrow your phone. Quick!” Before handing over her cell, she arched an eyebrow. Although fully aware that her son was a digital native, she wasn’t sure a third grader needed a mobile device for the 10-minute trip home.

“Why, Christopher?” 

“Didn’t you hear the DJ? He needs buttons. That’s what I do! I have a sale to make. This is big!”  

Seeing his excitement, she turned over the Blackberry.  

Several redials later, Christopher was on air. Impressed by his maturity and proactive nature and intrigued by this thing called, “MicroSociety”, the DJ’s quickly determined that they had their vendor and live interview for the next day’s broadcast.


Don’t believe it? Hear it for yourself here. And you may want to consider turning the volume dial up on your commute home today. You just never know when opportunity may come  knocking.   

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