A Star Is Born

Everyone said 6th grader Cheyenne was destined for stardom. Whenever her teachers wanted to perform a skit, Cheyenne was the first choice. But, to be quite honest, it bothered Chey. She loved being good at something, but she didn’t want it to be the only thing she could do. What if she hurt herself? What if her teachers, or worse, the audience didn’t like her performance someday? Then what would she do?


Maybe the Agency of Gainful Employment would help. Fortunately, Jonas, her eighth grade career counselor, was open for business. She explained her dilemma. “It’s hard,” she explained, “I like my boss and I like my job.”


Jonas said all the right things, especially his caution to look her boss in the eye when she spoke. Now with a resignation letter in hand, Chey was taking the first step toward change.


“Mateo,” she began as she approached the 7th grade manager of the Sunny Day Players, the theatre venture that had employed her for the past year. “Do you have a free minute to talk before rehearsal?” Noticing her palms were sweating, she rubbed them against her khakis. How humiliating.


“Sure, Chey,” he replied. “What’s up? You get a chance to practice the new script?”


“Well, no-but let me explain why,” she added, handing him the letter.


Mateo furrowed his brow as he looked at it.


 “I am giving my two week’s notice. The letter explains why.” Cheyenne made sure to keep eye contact. But it wasn’t easy. She liked working with Mateo. But she needed to know what it felt like to do something else…to be someone else. “I want to try something new.” There, she said it.


Mateo looked disappointed. “Well, at least you will be here to perform the Spelling Bee next week.” He smiled his sideways grin, “Do you think you can help me with the interviews for your replacement?”


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