Employing Kindergartners: A Win-Win

Cameron needed more employees, but no one wanted to work for him.  He 

was too bossy.


Sunday was Mother’s Day, and business was booming.  A huge batch of greeting 

cards had to get out and Sweet Notes Greetings never missed a deadline. Cameron 

made sure of that. He didn’t think of it as bossy, he just had a job to do and he wanted

to do it right at all costs.


“Ok, all applicants, line up for your interview. We gotta get moving!” His workers had 

to be good at two things: cutting and pasting. Cameron had devised a cut and paste test 

and gave it to each applicant.


Randell, a pint-sized power, approached him. “Here is my application!”


“So why do you want to work here?” Cameron asked, his patience wearing thin – again.

 “I want my mommy to be proud of me,” the younger boy replied. 


“That’s cute, kid,” said Cameron. “But I can’t hire you. You need to work on cutting ON 

the line and following directions. And, dude, you use WAY too much paste! We would be 

bankrupt if we had to pay for all of that!” Randell looked up at Cameron, teary-eyed.


Maybe it was the puppy dog face. Maybe it was the profits. Or maybe he could hear his 

own mother’s voice making him feel guilty, but this time Cameron did something he’d 

never done before. 


“Hey bud,” he asked placing his hand on Randell’s shoulder, “how about you help pack 

cards for shipping?”


“Really?” Cameron nodded. “Whoowee!” Randell cheered wildly, jumping up and down. 

“You can start tomorrow,” Cameron added, “and don’t be late!” “Yes, sir!” Randell promised.

 “And listen. Work on cutting and using less paste, and then you can apply to do that job 

later this year.”


Maybe he didn’t have to be so bossy after all to get the job done.

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