Little Duggie’s Bike Shop

Lil’ Duggy’s Bike Shop is up and pedaling thanks to Shelby Ford, a fifth grader with a passion for bicycles. Shelby’s business idea started inside the walls of Indian Trail Elementary, a MicroSociety school in Louisville, KY. The young entrepreneur had a passion, saw a need, and like any self respecting entrepreneur decided to launch a business. He collected donated and abandoned bicycles for his MicroSociety venture and with his 15 and growing staff, gets them into shape. Buying one at the top-of-the-line costs about 120 micro dollars and Shelby rarely negotiates about prices.  

After school, Shelby works overtime showing his classmates how to repair their own bikes. 


Bike safety is important to Lil’ Duggy’s Bike Shop. When his customers needed helmets they could not afford to buy on their own, Shelby contacted Bike Louisville and the helmet give-away program was launched. But for families, the best was yet to come.

Lil’ Duggy’s Bike Shop and Indian Trail Elementary formed the Youth Cycling Safety Program, a fun jam-packed six-week course using a combination of the Safe Routes to School program and the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycling Skills 123 curriculum, to teach students bicycle riding safety tips. And after completing the course, kids receive certificates and awesome red LBC Jerseys. 

Thanks to Shelby Ford and his hard working employees, Indian Trail Elementary School and all of its students have gained a valuable resource. Lil’ Duggy’s Bike Shop is helping improve the lives and minds of students while helping to ensure their safety. 

What’s more, Lil Duggy’s makes sure that no flat tire gets left behind. 

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