Children succeed when readiness and opportunity align.

National Alumni Association

Our alumni are high school and college students, young professionals, civic leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, artists, managers and educators. They come from all of the world and all cultural backgrounds. Each one shares a common experience of running their own microcosm of the real world when they were young. They grew up as independent thinkers and problem solvers and discovered their potential at a young age. 

Why join?

  • To find friends when you go to college
  • To make contacts when you move to a new town
  • To obtain a job reference
  • To find a job or new position

What you can do:

  • Join the Membership Committee and help us build our data base of MicroGrads
  • Participate in the Speakers Bureau
  • Sit on the PR Committee and spread the news on  social media
  • Mentor Micro Students
  • Advise a MicroSociety Venture or Agency


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