Young Activists

How ‘Maker’ Elsa Bosemark Uses Glue, Gears and Cardboard to Interest Kids in STEAM Careers

In this interview series hosted by Chance, a 7th-grader at Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh, learn about student activists who are making a difference inside MicroSociety communities and far beyond.

Youth Now! With Chance

Elsa Bosemark is a 17-year-old maker, artist, mobile app developer, and the driving force behind HelloMaker, an online hands-on learning platform that encourages elementary and middle-grade students to pursue entrepreneurship and careers in STEAM. Elsa founded Hello Maker in the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown because she wanted to share her passion for making and to help students feel less isolated and more motivated. Also during the pandemic, Elsa teamed up with four high school girls to create an app called SafeBites that helps people find restaurants that keep customers and employees safe, which won the MIT App Inventor Hackathon.

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