The StepUp Surprise

“And the Vice President of Soarmania is…” Mr. Keeler paused for dramatic effect as he read the election results on the school’s loudspeaker. “Kiara S. Let’s congratulate Kiara!”
As she heard the news, she could feel her cheeks getting warmer, but that didn’t stop her from smiling and shaking the hand of every single person around her. “Thanks for voting,” she said to her fellow students.

“But I didn’t vote for you,” one third grader said as he friend elbowed him hard to be quiet.
Kiara laughed. “Still, thanks for voting in general! That’s what it’s all about.”

“You’re good at this,” Kiara’s friend Amy said, watching her work the crowd that had gathered around to congratulate her. “You should run for President next.”

“Oh I will be President,” she said confidently. “But not at Soarmania.”

“Wait, are you moving schools?”

“No, I mean of the United States.” Kiara’s face was serious for a moment, then the girls both erupted into giggles.

“Someday….” Kiara said wistfully.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Amy said.

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