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If you want to help the children to change the world, you must give them a world to change.

In any given day, MicroSociety successes occur in both big and small ways. These tales of triumph inspire us at the national office, and we hope that they inspire you too-- to believe that when kids are empowered, the possibilities are limitless and boundless. A MicroSociety learning environment allows students to find their niche, to discover their comfort zone and experiment outside of it, to conquer obstacles, and to hone a deep sense of where they fit into the tapestry of humanity. MicroSociety students are critical thinkers and problem solvers, innovators and game changers, community heroes and global competitors. But don't just take our word for it. Let their stories speak for themselves. See for yourself what it means to be a "Kid in Charge". Tomorrow isn't waiting. These children are embracing their future today.



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Program Impact
MICROSOCIETY’s co-operative, rigorous esteem-building programs have the power to address many of the problems that plague American classrooms today:
Increase Academic Achievement
Program impact has been especially remarkable with those who struggle hardest to succeed - children from low income families, children with special needs, and children with limited English proficiency.

Improve Behavior and Reduce Violence
Students learn the value of rules and laws when they create them, interpret them and enforce them in order to get along in their shared society. They also learn empathy and respect for others and hone valuable conflict resolution skills in order to get along in the progress of its evolution.

Motivate a Desire to be in School
By connecting curriculum to real-world activities and through a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, the program re-engages students who are disinterested in school because they don’t see its relevance to life.

Enhance Citizenship, Service Learning and Community Engagement
Students learn why voting is important and that demanding ethical decisions of their elected officials is not only their right, it is their responsibility. They witness firsthand how engaged citizens play a vital role in the success of a community and its ability to thrive.

Cut Drop Out Rates
Improved attendance occurs in the first month of program implementation because students are motivated to learn. Research shows that boredom is one of the top three reasons children drop out of school. Teaching basic skills by themselves is boring and ordinary. The MicroSociety program changes the context for leaning - connects it to students lives - making it interesting for them to learn.

Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce
This innovative educational design is an incubator for the kinds of workers who will take the lead in running the businesses, government agencies, and charitable organizations of tomorrow. By linking real world activities to classroom room learning, MicroSociety puts meaningful work into the experience of childhood. Students develop the critical 21st century skills like communications, critical thinking and decision-making, team-building, and personal initiative that will enable them to thrive in a global economy.
Improve Financial Literacy
Students uncover the fundamentals of finance as they buy and sell products in the marketplace, create personal and business budgets, maintain checkbooks for both, calculate taxes, and meet payroll. MicroSociety teaches financial literacy in a real world context that is meaningful to students. These practical challenges strengthen their aptitude math-related areas like banking, investment, and personal finance. Students come to recognize the value of a dollar and how to make more informed decisions about their own financial futures.

Awards and Recognition

George Awards
Nearly 40 years after its inception, the MicroSociety program continues to transform education across the nation. George Richmond’s legacy is alive and well in  the children fortunate enough to be citizens in their own miniature societies and in the spirit and actions of the indefatigable educators that we honor with these awards.

To recognize the commitment of  those who help make the MicroSociety program a success, we select teachers, principals, program coordinators, district and state level administrators, parents and community partners, as well as student ventures and agencies from a pool of nominees for these special awards. Preliminary requirements for nomination include two years of experience working in MicroSociety programs in any of the above capacities. Nominees must model MICROSOCIETY Inc’s Seven Guiding Principles.


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