MicroSociety Programs

School Day

The MicroSociety School
MicroSociety school is a K-8 learning environment. The innovative concept was created in 1967 as one teacher’s effort to restructure his classroom into an academically challenging and interactive place to motivate students to want to learn and succeed. Dr. George Richmond, then a rookie teacher in New York City, introduced the idea of creating a functioning miniature society into his classroom as a tool to bring relevance to leaning and to teach individual responsibility. He discovered that even the most disadvantaged children realized their potential to succeed when school was made relevant to their daily lives. 

A MicroSociety school puts learning theory into practice throughout the school and school day. Incorporating real-world experiences into basic curriculum helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to real life and helps teachers and principals transcend the"stand and deliver" daily routine. By making learning relevant, kids not only want to be in school, they want to succeed. Learn more.Gary Heil

The MicroSociety Middle School Academy
Since 1991, the MICROSOCIETY Inc. oranization has provided exciting opportunities for middle grade students to prepare for the professions within a wide range of communities. With the MicroSociety Middle School Academy, 25 years of experience has led to the creation of the ultimate career exploratory. Students become engaged in a wide array of work experiences that accelerate their work readiness and their ability to make informed career choices. Children not only learn, but practice the skills required to succeed in the 21st century. Learn more.

Multi-Week MicroSociety and Micro-In-A-Day Programs
For Students, you don’t need a MicroSociety school to bring authenticity to the learning experience and help youth answer the question “why do I need to know this?” And when they see what their students can do by creating and managing a society of their own, even for a day, teachers and administrators gain higher expectations while learning strategies for bringing relevance into the classroom.

Real World Learning and Project Based Classroom Strategies
For over 15 years, MICROSOCIETY Inc. has trained adults who believe that teaching success depends on a child’s internal motivation to learn. Tapping that motivation is not always easy but our National Certified Trainers show you proven classroom-based methods and strategies that promise to bring your curriculum to life. They are research-based, hands-on, student-directed, instructional best practices that connect real life to learning. Click here to learn more.

Citizens in Action™: A Leadership and Citizenship Development Program (CIA)
"Teaching" citizenship doesn’t work. Living it does. This program not only addresses school climate needs and builds student leaders; it transports the traditional student council into the 21st century through interdisciplinary exploration of the connections between school and community, and between national and global concerns. Students create a real student government complete with a court and enforcement branch. They launch task forces to examine issues and solve problems in their schools and communities and become citizen activists through their service activities. Self-governance in this real world context dramatically improves behavior, reduces violence, and creates a climate of shared independence and responsibility. Learn more.

Society In Action: A Standards-based Social Studies Program (SIA)
SIA engages students in self-directed research and classroom demonstrations that bring history, civics, and geography curricula to life. Incorporating performance, journalism and entrepreneurship into a stimulating goal driven process transforms a school’s social studies curriculum into a student-run, hands-on, learning experience. Learn more.

Out of School Time

The MicroSociety After School Program
The MicroSociety AfterSchool Program is a magnet for kids. Offering all the elements of a MicroSociety school, but on a smaller scale, the MicroSociety AfterSchool Program is designed to accommodate the specific needs of after school providers. This fun, jam-packed, real-world learning environment combines academics and enrichment in one engaging design during the time of day when kids are most vulnerable for at -risk behavior. MicroSociety AfterSchool uses teamwork exercises, service learning, entrepreneurship and other leadership activities to help children become responsible, contributing, and productive citizens. Learn more.

The MicroSociety AfterSchool QuickStart Program
This four day training program jump starts MicroSociety real world ventures and agencies for multiple sites at one time. It is available to afterschool programs located within a 90 mile radius of the trainng site. With QuickStart group training, attendees leave with the knowledge and know how to launch the basic components of a miniature society: an internal currency, private and non-profit business ventures and government agencies, and a site-wide economy. Training for standards alignment, and assessment strategies of the original MicroSociety afterschool program are not included. Restrictions apply.

MicroSociety STEM- City Saturday – NEW!
Gone are those lazy Saturday routines! Why not make weekend out-of-school-time full of exploration, inquiry, and engaging learning opportunities? Similar to our hallmark MicroSociety School and AfterSchool Programs, MicroSociety STEM-City Saturday provides children with a real-world learning environment in which to discover themselves, interact with their peers, and uncover the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) all while running a city of their own. STEM knowledge and process acquisition comes alive for three hours on Saturdays as STEM-City citizens apply their 21st Century learning through their roles as architects, bankers, bloggers, curators, engineers, entrepreneurs, environmental activists, government officials, technology specialists, and more ! What will your students achieve when their learning is STEMulated? Read more.


The MicroSociety
Summer ProgramGary Heil
Like the MicroSociety AfterSchool Program, our summer program captivates kids.This fun-filled, real-world, interdisciplinary experience is designed to accommodate the specific needs of summer program providers. It can run for six weeks or be scaled back to one. Regardless of the length of implementation time, this adventure leads to a fully functional society in which every child has a role. The perfect combination of fun, enrichment and learning.

Adult Options

For the business community
, Micro-In-A-Day is an effective team building experience. We can help you manage change in your company, introduce new products and promote cutting edge initiatives while thanking staff for a job well done. Corporate managers experience a new allegiance to their peers and the goals executives have set to move the company forward. This fun, innovative, and dynamic team building program makes a positive, meaningful impact on people’s lives.

All materials and supplies are included.