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Aspen Heights MicroSociety, Crossing Borders, The Flexible Studies Program, Caledonia Tech and Innovation Program, Surrey Academy of ...

San Diego Coastkeeper Offers Lessons For Students, Teachers

San Diego Coastkeeper Offers Lessons For Students, Teachers ... On a recent school day, third-graders at Joyner Elementary School in City Heights...

MicroSociety is Creating Responsible Global Citizens

Today’s learners need an understanding of our global society, and their place in it.

Talbot Hill Micrososciety inaugurates new student leaders

The MicroSociety is a school reform effort that helps students create a real-world mini-society, complete with student-run business ventures, non-profits ...

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V. 141, The StepUp Surprise


"And the Vice President of Soarmania is..." Mr. Keeler paused for dramatic effect as he read the election results on the school's loudspeaker. "Kiara S. Let's congratulate Kiara!"

As she heard the news, she could feel her cheeks getting warmer, but that didn't stop her from smiling and shaking the hand of every single person around her. "Thanks for voting," she said to her fellow students.

"But I didn't vote for you," one third grader said as he friend elbowed him hard to be quiet.Kiara laughed. "Still, thanks for voting in general! That's what it's all about."

"You're good at this," Kiara's friend Amy said, watching her work the crowd that had gathered around to congratulate her. "You should run for President next."

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Colegio San Juan del Camino (Bogota, Colombia)

When Colegio San Juan del Camino (SJC), a small Pre-K through 12 school located on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, introduced MicroSociety three years ago, they ran into the same problem that many start up schools with older students encounter: they thought MicroSociety was just a game. How SJC overcame the challenge and won the hearts of their teenagers is a study in a willingness to listen and adapt.aohfgdb

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MicroSociety®?

MicroSociety® is a cutting-edge elementary and middle school model through which students apply academic skills as citizens in a society of their own design. The students learn, work and manage their microcosm of the real world—as legislators, peer mediators, business owners, bankers, attorneys, community service-minded leaders, floating teachers, and many other occupations. The business ventures and government agencies provide the context for real world curriculum connections throughout the day. MicroSociety has helped dozens of schools dramatically increase student motivation, improve discipline, meet high academic standards and boost test scores and attendance. Read More FAQ's

Fast Facts

Dr. George Richmond, Founder

"My kids were poor, and if they didn’t learn, they were going to stay poor. I wanted to put the responsibility of learning on them because until they wanted to learn, I couldn’t teach them."

The Power of an Idea

In 1967, Dr. George Richmond, then a 5th grade rookie New York City teacher, faced 33 unruly kids.  Having grown in poverty by a single mother up in a tenement on the Lower East Side of New York, he understood that when grades and discipline don’t motivate students to learn, freedom and responsibility would. From Richmond’s vision grew the MicroSociety program, a revolutionary learning model that drives students to want to learn classroom curriculum when real-world activities make it relevant to their lives. His 1972 book, The MicroSociety School: A Real World in Miniature, was reviewed for Harper and Rowe by Peter Drucker and remains the definitive work in the field. Learn More Facts about MicroSociety

George Awards

Awards and Recognition

Nearly 40 years after its inception, MicroSociety continues to transform education across the world George Richmond’s legacy is alive and well in  the children fortunate enough to be citizens in their own miniature societies and in the spirit and actions of the indefatigable educators that we honor with these awards.

To recognize the commitment of  those who help make MicroSociety successful, we select teachers, principals, program coordinators, district and state level administrators, parents and community partners, as well as student ventures and agencies from a pool of nominees for these special awards. Preliminary requirements for nomination include two years of experience working with MicroSociety in any of the above capacities. Nominees must model MICROSOCIETY Inc’s Seven Guiding Principles. View all awards



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