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Example, Language Arts Standard

Persuasion through writing Logical arguments not only take place in the Courtroom, but in government campaigns/debates, Town Hall meetings, business meetings, during job interviews and through marketing/advertising plans. Real world research occurs in every venture/agency in the society. Employees of a music venture that sells iPod playlists conduct and present market research on the artists/groups that are popular among their peers. The staff of the MicroSociety cafe research the meaning of gluten intolerance to learn how to develop menus that answer current dietary concerns.


Example, Math Standard

Mathematical Problem Solving In a MicroSociety, problems arise that cannot be solved by applying a memorized formula or approach. Accounts need reconciliation, checkbooks need balancing, debt needs management, and loans need repayment. Business meetings take place in which all venture employees analyze graphs of sales to determine trends and approaches to increasing the profit margin.