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MicroSociety blew me away because it empowers kids to become business leaders and to break out of the confines of generational poverty. The kids going through this program have a much better chance of making it than their peers. It should be in every elementary school in Washington.
Bill Taylor, President & CEO
Renton, WA Chamber of Commerce

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MicroSociety Internship Opportunities

Here at MicroSociety, we welcome the opportunity to bring new perspectives and fresh ideas into our Old City, Philadelphia headquarters. The very kind that interns provide. We know firsthand the importance in preparing students for the future by immersing them in real world endeavors.  The kind of preparation undergrad and post-baccalaureate students so desperately need. For these reasons, we regularly recruit a team of students from the greater Philadelphia area to join our group of passionate professionals to forward existing visions and contribute new ones.
An internship at MicroSociety is not your typical “make-some-copies-and get-us-coffee” experience, but rather true immersion into the fast-paced non-profit environment. From day one, our interns our seen as colleagues and collaborative partners in amplifying our mission and elevating our model. If you don’t believe us, just ask Grey. (hyperlink to Kids in Charge feature)
So, before you check out our open opportunities below, you may be thinking, “Just what does this organization look for in an intern candidate?” Allow us to share:

  • Positive, Contributing Team Player
  • Quick Thinking Problem Solver
  • Strong Written and Oral Communicator
  • Proactive Initiative-Taker; someone who continually seeks new ways to make old processes better/more efficient
  • Able to Multi-Task/Shift Priorities
  • Organized and Process-Oriented
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Reliable and Consistent
  • Articulate and Professional

So far, so good? Then read on to see the roles we are currently looking to fill.

Videographer and Post Production Specialist
Position Description: Do you wish to hone your skills in production...everything from pre-production to post-production? Are you highly observant, perceptive, and able to pick up on the little details that make a big difference? Do you wish to further cultivate your skills in editing film content? If so, then this internship position as videographer for MicroSociety Inc. might just be for you. The videographer will:

  • have the opportunity to engage in moderate travel, visiting MicroSociety day school, afterschool, and Saturday OST programs here in Philadelphia and across the nation, capturing K-8 children in action as they create and run microcosms of the real world.
  • record MicroSociety training consultants and educators to create "best practice" modules for airing on our private YouTube channel.
  • work with existing raw footage (much on VHS) to transform it into new cohesive pieces that tell a story and deliver a powerful message around a particular compelling topic.

This is a 20-hour a week unpaid position. Travel expenses will be covered.
Note: Applicants must have their own editing software. MicroSociety will provide the tripod and camera.
Location of Position: Individual will report to MicroSociety HQ in Old City, Philadelphia once a week to report on progress and collaborate with senior staff.  This position will involve moderate domestic travel
Special Application Instructions: Please submit your letter of interest, resume, and a piece of film that you have produced to Kaitlyn Dowling ( with “Videographer and Post Production Specialist” in the subject line.
Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

Curriculum Writer
Position Description: Preparing students to enter into the fast-paced flat world of the 21st century requires the instillation of the kind of creative problem solving and critical thinking skills not historically developed in schools. Our times demand instructional facilitation that is relevant, rigorous, and engaging. The truth is if kids aren’t internally motivated to learn, they won’t. Here at MicroSociety, we are continually looking for ways to revise our curriculum and develop new resources that involve kids in the kind of real world learning that defines our innovative model. We are seeking undergraduate and graduate Education students who can bring the cutting-edge thinking necessary to accomplish these tasks.
The curriculum writer will:

  • Compile a list of trade books for K-8 teachers to use in lessons on social and global awareness, multiculturalism, financial literacy, civics and government, entrepreneurship, personal identity, and career aspirations.
  • Review existing curriculum and making updates to increase the relevancy and connections to the 21st century workplace.
  • Develop new K-8 curriculum in the form of project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based learning tasks to target STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts.
  • Research current educational trends and present to senior staff ways in which best practices could be integrated into the MicroSociety model

This is a 20 hour per week unpaid position.
Location of position: Individual will report to Old City, Philadelphia MicroSociety HQ once a week. The remainder of the work can be done remotely with daily progress report check-ins.

Technology Specialist
Position Description: If we want to develop a population of innovators, than we must constantly adapt to the times and innovate. Here at MicroSociety, we have big ideas on how we can be better implementing technology to increase connectivity, engage our students, and build a richer community around real world education. We are looking for just the right person to help us do it.
The technology specialist will:

  • Work with senior staff to maintain and update our current website as well as our upcoming WordPress based website and blog.
  • Design portals and wikispaces to connect our global network of school administrators, educators, students, parents, community partners, and alumni.
  • Create an E-commerce site for students at our sites around the world to engage in sales transactions and business negotiations (using Micro dollars, not American currency)
  • Develop a “Hands on Banking” app/game to target financial literacy skills in K-8 learners.

Volunteer with Individual Program Sites

All MicroSociety programs and services draw on real life activities and experiences to facilitate and accelerate learning. Consequently, continuous student interaction with working adults,  one of the key elements of our programs,  is essential to our success. Community members, individuals and businesses, help  make learning authentic and up-to-date.

Learning environments that include the creation and management of a miniature society in the curriculum as the means to apply classroom lessons, offer countless intersections to engage parents and community members in meaningful ways. To read a case study of diverse and highly effective community-based partnerships with a school in Texas, click here. To see the list of corporations and community groups that have formally supported MicroSociety schools around the country, click here. For more information about volunteering as a mentor, click here.

Volunteer with National Headquarters

MICROSOCIETY, Inc. has a long history of support and commitment from dedicated corporations and individuals who have helped us develop and improve curriculum, advance training and technical assistance strategies, facilitate strategic planning, ensure quality control, and most importantly, extend our reach to more communities and children. for more information on pro-bono consulting opportunities, contact contact Kaitlyn Dowling Outreach and Expansion Associate, (215) 922-4006 or