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The 22nd Annual MICROSOCIETY Conference
Framing the Future: The Global Child

Join us this summer in sunny Phoenix!

Wednesday, July 16 – Thursday, July 17

Stepping Stones Academy – Phoenix, AZ

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
Telephone: (602) 870-8107
11111 North Seventh Street | Phoenix, AZ 85020
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MICROSOCIETY’S 22nd, annual Conference is designed with the evolving needs of the Micro-educator in mind. Building from attendee feedback from our recent conferences, we have created workshops and activities that will maximize the time attendees have to share their stories, struggles, greatest successes, and most pressing needs. This July our gathering will center on what it means to be an educator in a MicroSociety School, and the responsibilities and concomitant frustrations of keeping our student's societies running and innovating during the busy school year.

At the core of our theme will be new methods for deepening and expanding ways to reflect and process in the “Micro moment.” We will address questions such as:

  • How do we as educators make the most of the instances where students break away from our expectations?
  • How can we facilitate and innovate learning “on the fly” as we juggle our roles as educators, facilitators and ambassadors of the MicroSociety mindset?
  • How can we keep our MicroSociety feeling fresh and exciting for ourselves and our students?

To answer these questions and more, we will return to what we know works, drawing upon the ideas of Dr. George Richmond, the original MicroSociety educator, and co-founder of MICROSOCIETY, Inc. By returning to our origins, we hope to reinvigorate the way we bring the real world inside our schools, asking again the difficult questions that Dr. Richmond faced when he first implemented MicroSociety in his 1967 classroom—questions that might often get passed by, in our need to make Micro happen.

Through small group sessions and expert-led discussions, we will work together to expand the methods we use to process the unique situations and the questions they raise for MicroSociety educators and student citizens alike. You will have the opportunity to experience and explore MicroSociety in school settings that differ from your own, including a community facing extreme poverty, an international location, and a seasoned MicroSociety site. We will also be exploring advances in Micro-product development, common core connections, and new uses of social media and technology that will enliven our daily practices.

Whether your MicroSociety is in the startup phase or your site has years of experience, this summer will give you a time and a place to model new ways of leveraging the setbacks and surprises of society-based education to achieve even deeper academic engagement. The more adept we are at reacting and responding to the fast paced and often unprecedented events in our students societies, the better chance we have of helping each of our students find a place in the global economy.

Check back soon for additional updates.

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