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The 23rd Annual MICROSOCIETY Conference
Empower. Unite. Inspire.
Good to Great: Secrets in the 21st Century Toolbox

Join us this summer 2015 in sunny Philadelphia!

Tuesday, July 7 – Thursday, July 9

String Theory High School – Philadelphia, PA
No car is needed. The hotel is one block from the conference site

Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia Hotel
Telephone: (215) 448-2000
201 North 17th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Join us at the 2015 Annual MicroSociety Conference where we will explore cutting edge strategies for 21st Century schooling to empower one another and create the next generation of leaders.

For two days we will delve into the secret spices of MicroSociety including STEAM, creativity, and citizenship and design thinking.

Building on our collaborative nature, we will unite MicroSociety Practitioners with students, civic leaders, industry leaders, scholars and field experts. Together we will explore exciting topics like:

  • 5-year forecasts of 21st Century student created ventures
  • Governance structures for a global society
  • Teaching strategies for unchartered professions and business opportunities
  • Integrated tools and technologies required to prepare students for the future
  • Integration of MicroSociety values that will serve as the foundation for this learning platform

Join us as we journey through a process of discovery, interpretation, collaboration, experimentation, and evolution. Our work aims to increase program depth and inspire joy in the MicroSociety learning community.

Session topics include:

  • Creatively infusing advanced math into our MicroSocieties
  • Leveraging social media to make societal activity more authentic and robust
  • Integrating 21st Century communication modalities into daily routines
  • Increasing comfort, knowledge, and curiosity in the STEAM disciplines when they aren’t part of one’s own professional breadth of expertise

MicroSociety Practitioners will leave Philadelphia ready to breathe new life into their teaching and learning while embracing new strategies and modalities to reach their students across content areas. Industry attendees will gain invaluable insight into how MicroSociety instills the right mix of leadership skills students need to be competitive in tomorrow’s workforce. Together, we will empower, unite and inspire the next generation of leaders.

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